Brick Oven Alternative | Greenville, SC

Antipasta (Appetizers)

$7.95 Hummus

Antonio loved to travel and always came back with new recipes to share. A trio of homemade hummus creations - roasted red pepper, black bean and traditional - served with pita points.

$7.95 Lake Como Brushetta

Just like mama used to make. Diced roma tomatoes, feta cheese and fresh basil on toasted Italian bread.

$8.95 Zia Marie’s Meatballs

Don’t mess with perfection. A bowl of meatballs in homemade marinara.

$6.95 Caprisi

Sliced fresh Buffalo mozzarella with roma tomatoes, cucumbers topped with red onion and fresh basil, drizzled with balsamic vinegar.

$7.95 Mozzarella Fritte

Cheese sticks prepared with Italian flare and served with homemade marinara.

$6.95 Squisito Dip

Ultra fresh spinach-artichoke flavor like you’ve never tasted. Served with blue tortilla chips.

$8.95 Calamari

Oh Mama Mia! Lightly breaded and fried served with marinara.

$4.95 / $5.95 Mia’s Garlic Cheese Pagnotta

Garlic bread topped with mozzarella cheese and your choice of sauce.

Marinara Sauce - $4.95
Alfredo Sauce - $5.95

$8.95 / $9.95 Bova Wings

Marinated chicken wings tossed in your choice of sauce. Bova’s own Buffalo sauce, BBQ, kickin BBQ or teriyaki sauce. Served with celery sticks and a side of ranch.

Bone-in Wings - $8.95
Boneless Wings - $9.95

$9.95 Buffalo Fried Shrimp

Deep fried breaded shrimps tossed in Buffalo sauce. Served with ranch dressing.

$8.95 Chicken Quesadilla

Tomato tortilla filled with grilled chicken and mix of jack and cheddar cheese and pico de gallo served with sour cream and salsa

Insalate (Salad)

$6.95 Cardini’s Ceasar Salad

Antonio loved this Caesar Cardini’s creation. Romaine lettuce, croutons, parmesan and red onions with a creamy Caesar dressing.

$7.95 Spinach Pear Salad

We honor cousin Guiseppi Bova with this gem. Fresh spinach with roasted pears, red onions, toasted almonds and crumbled gorgonzola. Served with balsamic vinaigrette.

$6.95 Italian Classic Salad

Simply recreated. Spring mix with roma tomatoes, red onions, cucumbers and mozzarella cheese with choice of dressing.

$7.95 Mediterranean Salad

As fl avorful as the region that inspired it. Spring mix with roma tomatoes, roasted red peppers, feta cheese, pepperoncini, kalamata olives and cucumbers, served with Greek vinaigrette.

$8.95 Grand Anitpasto Salad

A mix of Italian cold cut and cheeses. Served over spring mix with tomatoes, cucumbers, and red onions with balsamic vinaigrette.

$8.95 Rosemary Chicken Salad

In honor of Mamma Bova. Spring mix topped with tender rosemary chicken, sliced roma tomatoes, roasted red peppers and feta cheese, served with garlic herb vinaigrette.

$7.95 Rustico Salad

Fresh arugula topped with fresh mozzarella cheese, Parmesan cheese, tomato and red onion served balsamic dressing.

$7.95 Della Casa Salad

Oven roasted marinated portabella mushrooms over a spring mix with roma tomatoes and mozzarella cheese. Served with balsamic vinaigrette.

$9.95 Chef Salad

Spring mix topped with sliced turkey, ham, cheddar cheese, tomatoes, cucumbers, and bacon.

$8.95 Goat cheese Salad

Mixed greens, red onions, oranges, toasted almond, goat cheese and balsamic dressing.

$8.95 Fried Chicken Salad

Romaine lettuce topped with fried chicken, tomatoes, cheddar cheese, and sunflower seeds.

$6.95 Soup & Salad Combo

A classic salad and cup of your choice of soup.

Add a protein

Salmon $6, Shrimp $4, Scallops $5, Chicken $3, Tenderloin pieces $7 Extra dressing .69

Zuppe (Soup)

$4.95 Minstrone

Fresh vegetables, beans and pasta in a light tomato broth.

$4.95 La Minestra Del Giorno

Ask your server for our daily soup special.

Dinner Entrees - Build your own pasta

Start with a basic pasta with your choice of sauce then add you favorite toppings.

$11.95 Build your own Pasta

Choose a Pasta

Penne ● Spaghetti ● Angel Hair ● Whole Wheat Penne ● Bow Tie ● Fettuccini ● Gluten Free Penne (add $3)

Choose a Sauce

Organic Tomato ● Pesto Cream ● Olive Oil & Garlic ● Alfredo ● Al Vodka ● Rosé Sauce ● Carbonara ● Pomodoro ● Far Diavolo ● Meat Sauce.

Add a Cheese: ($2 extra for one cheese)

Goat ● Mozzarella ● Provolone ● Gorgonzola ● Parmesan ● Romano ● Ricotta ● Feta

+$1 Vegetables/Herbs ($1 extra for each one you choose)

Green Peppers ● Roasted Red Peppers ● Caramelized Onions ● Fresh Mushrooms ● Cherry Tomatoes ● Roma Tomatoes ● Spinach ● Garlic ● Basil ● Jalapeños ● Portabello Mushroom ● Olives (black, green, Kalamata) ● Red Onions ● Pepperoncini ● Arugula ● Sundried Tomatoes ($2) ● Artichokes ($2) ● Fried or Grilled Eggplant ($2)

+$3 Meats ($3 extra for each one you choose)

Grilled Chicken ● Applewood Smoked Bacon ● Italian Sausage ● Meatballs ● Prosciutto ● Steak* (add $7)


Shrimp (add $4) ● Salmon* (add $6) ● Scallops (add $5) ● Any Other Seafood* (add $8)

Dinner Entrees - Classic Recipes

Made with the freshest ingredients and homemade sauces, these tasteful entrees are considered a labor of love. All entrees served with a side salad or a cup of soup.

$12.95 Lasagna Classico

Layers of pasta stuffed with meat sauce, ricotta, parmesan, romano and mozzarella.

$11.95 Four Cheese Penne Al Forno

Penne pasta tossed with four cheese marinara and melted Italian cheeses.

$11.95 Eggplant Parmigiana

Lightly breaded eggplant fried and topped with marinara sauce and mozzarella cheese, served with spaghetti marinara.

$13.95 Chicken Parmigiana

Parmesan breaded chicken breast fried and topped with marinara sauce and mozzarella cheese, served with spaghetti marinara.

$13.95 Penne Alla Vodka

Our tomato cream sauce accented with bacon and prosciutto and flamed with vodka.
Sausage or chicken +$3
Shrimp +$4

$11.95 Cheese Ravioli

Baked Cheese filled ravioli topped with marinara sauce and italian cheeses

$12.95 Manicotti Parmigiana

Pasta rolls filled with ricotta, mozzarella, parmesan and herbs, topped with rosé sauce.

$11.95 Fettucini Alfredo

Paresan cream sauce served over fettucini.
ADD Grilled Chicken or Italian Sausage $3
Grilled Shrimp $4 Salmon $6


Grilled chicken $3. Meatballs. $3. Italian sausage $3. Salmon. $6 Grilled shrimp. $4. Scallops. $5. Tenderloin piece $7.

$13.95 Mushrooms Ravioli

Pasta filled with mushrooms, herbs and Parmesan cheese in poricini wine cream sauce.

$13.95 Spinach Ravioli

Pasta filled with spinach, herbs and Parmesan cheese in Gorgonzola cream sauce

$11.95 Create your own pasta

PASTA: fettuccine,spaghetti, penne, whole wheat penne, angel hair,bow ties. Gluten free pasta add $3 . SAUCE; marinara, alfredo, meat sauce, Rose sauce, alla vodka, Oil and garlic, . ADD On extra charge

Dinner Entrees - Pesce (Fish and Seafood)

$13.95 Grouper Da’vince

Pan- seared grouper with angel hair topped with lemon Beurre Blanc sauce.

$13.95 Parmesan Crusted Grouper

Pan-seared and baked with crunchy parmesan cheese crust, citrus Beurre Blanc,served with angel hair pasta.

$13.95 Salmon Al Limone

Pan-seared salmon in limon Beurre Blanc with angel hair pasta.

$14.95 Sicilian Shrimp Scampi

Sautéed shrimps with cherry tomatoes and black olives in a garlic limon butter sauce over angel hair.

$15.95 Seafood Romano

Sautéed shrimp, scallops, mushroom, tomato and fettuccine in a creamy Parmesan sauce.

$15.95 Mediterranean Salmon

Grilled salmon served on a bed of marinara mixed vegetables. Served with angel hair pasta.

$17.95 Red Snapper Santa Louise

Pan seared red snapper and grilled shrimp with dill beurre Blanca over angel hair pasta.

$15.95 Red Snapper Picatta

Flash breaded red snapper sautéed with capers and mushroom in a lemon butter sauce. Served with angel hair pasta.

$13.95 Tilapia Bruschetta

Pan seared tilapia dusted with Cajun spices topped with Bruschetta mix served with angel hair marinara

$15.95 Spaghetti Alla Fruitti Di Mara

Mussels, shrimp, and scallops tossed with fresh basil, onion, garlic, roasted red pepper, and cherry tomatoes.

Dinner Entrees - Carne (Beef)

$16.95 Vitello Alla Melanese

Pan sautéed breaded veal cutlet with mushroom and capers in a limon garlic sauce, served with fettuccini.

$16.95 Vitello Parmigiana

Breaded veal cutlet topped with marinara sauce and melted mozzarella,served with spaghetti.

$15.95 Bistecca Alla Fiorentina

Grilled marinated beef medallions over fettucini with gorgonzola and spinach in a creamy parmesan sauce, then drizzled with balsamic glaze.

$17.95 Bistecca and Shrimp

Grilled beef tenderloin and shrimp served with garlic mashed potatoes.

$16.95 Classic Sirloin Steak

8 oz. sirloin steak charcoal grilled served with garlic mashed potatoes.

$16.95 Gorgonzola Steak

Beef tenderloin topped with creamy Gorgonzola and portabello mushroom sauce. Served over garlic mashed potatoes.

$16.95 Pepper Crusted Sirloin

8 oz. sirloin seared with black pepper corn. Served with garlic mashed potatoes.

$17.95 Pimento Sirloin

8 oz. sirloin steak topped with pimento cheese and served with garlic mashed potatoes.

Dinner Entrees - Polla (chicken)

$14.95 Chicken Marsala

Sautéed chicken breast in a savory sauce of mushrooms, garlic and marsala wine served over whole wheat penne

$14.95 Chicken Piccata

Flash breaded 10 oz chicken breast sautéed with capers in lemen butter sauce, served with angel hair.

$13.95 Chicken Carbonara

Sautéed chicken in light bacon cream parmesan sauce with spinach over penne pasta.

$14.95 Chicken Saltimbocca

Sautéed chicken topped with prosciutto and provolone cheese, sage Beurre Blanc sauce,served with broccolie and angel hair pasta.

$15.95 Cajun Pasta

Sautéed chicken, shrimp, green peppers, onions and penne pasta in spicy tomato cream sauce.

$14.95 Balsamic chicken

Grilled chicken topped with fresh mozzarella and tomato basil Bruschetta,served with broccoli and drizzle with Balsamic glazed

$14.95 De France pasta

Grilled chicken and sausage with sun dried tomato,mushrooms in spicy pink sauce over spaghetti

$14.95 Parmesan crusted chicken

Pan crusted chicken with Parmesan cheese and rosemary topped with lemon butter sauce and tomato bruschetta. Served over spaghetti.


Antonio loved to try other people’s creations. We create our sandwiches and pitas with the freshest ingredients to celebrate those who were influential in Antonio’s life. Served with homemade chips, pasta salad or mixed greens salad. Gluten Free Bread +$2

$9.95 Bruschetta Burger

8 oz. burger topped with bruschetta mix and mozzarella cheese wrapped with lettuce. No buns.

$8.95 Gorgonzola Burger

Grilled burger topped with melted gorgonzola cheese, romaine lettuce, roma tomatoes, red onions and mayo on ciabatta bread.

$9.95 BBQ Burger

8 oz. burger topped with green peppers, onions, and cheddar cheese and BBQ sauce on chibatta.

$9.95 The House Burger

1/2lb burger topped with cheddar cheese, bacon, romaine, tomato, red onion and mayo

$9.95 Pimento Burger

8 oz. burger topped with pimento cheese, lettuce, tomato, and mayo on ciabatta bread.

$8.95 Buffalo Chicken

Breaded chicken dipped in Buffalo sauce and topped with lettuce, tomato, onion and ranch dressing on ciabatta bread.

$8.95 Turkey Club

Hot slices of oven roasted turkey with bacon, cheddar and mozzarella cheeses and topped with roma tomatoes, romaine lettuce and mayo.

$8.95 Mediterranean Pita

Grilled chicken topped with feta cheese, spring mix, cucumber and tomato, and drizzled with Greek dressing.

$8.95 Caesar Pita

Grilled chicken, romaine lettuce, red onion and parmesan cheese topped with a creamy Caesar dressing.

$8.95 Chicken Bacon Wrap

Tomato basil tortilla stuffed with grilled chicken, bacon, romain, roasted red peppers, and drizzled with ranch dressing.

$8.95 Citrus Chicken Wrap

Grilled chicken, orange, feta cheese, romaine lettuce, raspberry vinegar, in a tomato basil tortilla.

$8.95 BOVA Wrap

Sliced turkey, fresh spinach, bacon, Swiss cheese, red onion, tomato and honey mustard in a tomato basil tortilla.

$8.95 Southwest Wrap

Fried chicken, dipped in buffalo sauce wrapped with romain, cucumber, onion, and tomato drizzled with ranchero in a tomato basil tortilla.

Hoagies (Subs)

Although strictly an American creation, we create our hoagies with the freshest of ingredients, baked old-style within our brick-oven and prepared with the utmost sincerity, which is the BOVA tradition. Served with homemade chips, pasta salad or mixed greens salad.

$9.95 Tuscan Steak Hoagie

We bring the flavors of Tuscany here with thinly sliced prime rib steak, topped with fresh green peppers, onions, and finished with provolone and mozzarella cheeses. Cosi bella.

$8.95 Zia Marie’s Meatball Hoagie

The only way to improve on these meatballs is to stack them full into a hoagie and cover with homemade organic tomato marinara and Italian cheeses.

$9.95 Francis Dip

Our prime rib thinly sliced and topped with a parmesan- garlic sauce with grilled onions and a sice of parmesan-garlic sauce.

$9.95 Baltimore Classic

Slice roasted beef dipped in Au jus topped with caramlize onions, Swiss cheese and horesradish sauce. Served with Au jus

$9.95 Bistro Carne

Our signature prime rib thinly sliced with portabella mushroom, onion, and covered with melted provolone cheese and sundried tomato mayo.

$8.95 Chicken Parmigiana

Italian breaded chicken fried basket topped with house marinara sauce and mozzarella cheese.

$8.95 Eggplant Parmigiana

Lightly breaded eggplant fried and topped with marinara sauce and mozzarella cheese.

$8.95 Sausage & Pepper Parmigiana

Sliced Italian sausage with green peppers and onions, topped with marinara sauce and mozzarella cheese.

$9.95 Bova Italiano

Prosciutto, pepperoni, salami, capicola, provolone, lettuce, tomato and onions generously fi nished with our special BOVA Italian dressing.

$9.95 Grouper Hoagie

Your choice of fried or cajun grouper, topped with romaine,tomato,and a side of tartar sauce

$9.95 Veal Parmigiana

Fried breaded veal filet topped with organic marinara and mozzarella cheese.

Paninis (Sandwiches)

Tastefully stacked and perfectly pressed, these grilled Italian sandwiches are hard to beat. Served with homemade chips, pasta salad or mixed greens salad.

$8.95 Rosemary Chicken

Succulent roasted chicken covered with Buffalo mozzarella and our homemade organic tomato marinara.

$8.95 Roasted Chicken Parmigiana

Succulent roasted chicken covered with Buffalo mozzarella and Antonio’s Mamma’s homemade organic tomato marinara.

$8.95 The Italian

Sliced prosciutto, pepperoni, salami and capicola with roasted red peppers, roma tomatoes, romaine lettuce and Italian cheeses finished with our special BOVA Italian dressing.

$7.95 The P.L.T.

Antonio’s childhood favorite. Prosciutto, spinach, roma tomatoes and Buffalo mozzarella.

$8.95 Southern Turkey

Smoked turkey, bacon, pepper jack, avocado, chipotle ranch, and tomatoes.

$9.95 BBQ Steak and Cheddar Panini

Sliced rib eye steak, carmalized onions, cheddar cheese, and BBQ sauce.

$8.95 Asiago chicken

Grilled chicken, avocado, tomato, bacon, Asiago cheese, romaine and chipotle mayo.

$7.95 Vegetale Garden

Antonio loved his garden. We celebrates his love with fresh spinach, roasted red peppers, roma tomatoes and Buffalo mozzarella and seasoned with sundried tomato pesto.

$8.95 Bran Melanzana

Grilled eggplant, roasted red pepper, onion, mozzarella and garlic spread aioli.

$8.95 Pella

Oven roasted marinated portabella mushrooms, roma tomatoes, red onions and mozzarella cheese with basil pesto mayo.

$8.95 BBQ Pollo

Grilled chicken drizzled with barbeque sauce, topped with smoked gouda and red onion.

$8.95 Chipotle chicken

Grilled chicken, cheddar cheese, bacon, avocado, tomato, and chipotle sauce

$8.95 Swiss chicken

Grilled chicken, mushroom, caramelized onions and Swiss cheese

$8.95 Pesto Chicken

Chicken breast topped with melted mozzarella, parmesan cheese, sundried tomatoes, romaine lettuce and pesto sauce.

$7.95 BOVA Grilled Cheese

Fresh buffalo mozzarella cheese with Roma tomato and pesto sauce on ciabatta panini.

$9.95 The Boss

Sliced roast beef, pepper jack cheese, fresh spinach, and chipotle mayo.

Fried Basket

Antonio was a pasta purist and we share his beliefs, but he likes to try others food and keeping it simple ,that why these basket served with chips and cole slaw.

$9.95 Chicken Tender basket

$10.95 Chicken Wing Basket

Served with your choice of sauce and celery sticks.

$12.95 Boneless Wing Basket

Boneless wings served with your choice of sauce, chips, and cole slaw.

$10.95 Fried Grouper Basket

Deep fried grouper served with tartar Sauce.

$11.95 Fried Shrimp Basket

Fried breaded shrimp served with cocktail sauce .


$3.95 Garlic Mashed Potatoes

$3.95 Broccoli

$3.95 Spinach

$3.95 Mixed Vegetables

$3.95 Chips

$3.95 Pasta Salad

$3.95 Side Salad

$3.95 Cup of Soup

For the Kids

Ages 12 and under. All of the kids dishes served with fountain drink $5.95 each

Create Your Own Pasta

PASTAS: fettucini, spaghetti, penne , whole wheat penne,bow ties or angel hair gluten free pasta add $ 2 SAUCES: marinara, meat sauce, alfredo or butter
ADD PROTEIN (extra): chicken, shrimp, Italian sausage or meatballs

Cheese Ravioli

Three cheese-stuffed ravioli topped with marinara.

Macaroni & Cheese

Elbow macaroni in a creamy cheese sauce.

Chicken Tenders & Chips

Cheese Pizza

Dolci (Desserts)

$5.95 Cheesecake

A rich, creamy New York cheesecake drizzled with a lemon glaze.

$5.95 Key Lime Pie

Made with authentic Florida Key limes and condensed milk to create a rich, creamy and slightly tart pie on graham cracker crust topped with whipped cream.

6.45 Chocolate Cake

Layers of heavenly chocolate cake filled with chocolate icing and drizzled with Hershey’s chocolate syrup.

$5.95 Tiramisu

Zia Maria, lady fingers layered with mascarpone cream cheese, topped with coco powder and chocolate glaze.