Brick Oven Alternative | Greenville, SC


Served with Home Fries or Grits

10 Traditional Egg Benedict

Two poached eggs with Canadian bacon and cheddar cheese on an English muffin, topped with hollandaise sauce

13 Bova Salmon Benedict

Grilled salmon filet with a poached egg and spinach on an English muffin, drizzled with hollandaise sauce.

9 Weight Watchers Benedict

Two poached egg topped with sautéed spinach and garlic, a fresh tomato and hollandaise sauce

11 Country Benedict

Two fried eggs, corned beef hash and country ham on an English muffin, drizzled with red eye gravy.

12 Huevos Rancheros Benedict

Home fries with spinach and chorizo sausages topped with poached eggs, tortilla strips and pico de gallo. ( Not served with additional home fries or grits.

15 Bova Special Benedict

Deep fried breaded poached eggs over grilled beef tenderloin topped with hollandaise sauce.

15 Charleston Benedict

Fried green tomato, grilled shrimp and poached eggs drizzled with Charon sauce.


Prepared with three farm fresh egg, served with home fries or grits and toasted bread. Egg substitute extra $1.00. Or egg white extra. $2.00

9 Easy Omelette

Dice tomato, bacon, and cheddar cheese

9.5 Denver Omelette

Dice ham, onion, mushroom and Swiss cheese

9 Western Omelette

Dice ham, onion, green pepper and cheddar cheese.

10 Spanish Omelette

Chorizo sausage, jalapeño pepper, onion, tomato and cheddar cheese.

9 Greek Omelette

Spinach, tomato, black olive and feta cheese.

9 Vegetarian Omelette

Onion, tomato, pepper,mushroom, and spinach.

11 L&L Omelette

Egg white, spinach, turkey, tomato and goat cheese.

8 Cheese Omelette

Your choice of any kind of cheese. Ask your serve

10 The Hush Hush Omelette

Corned beef hash and cheddar cheese

11 Salmon Omelette

Salmon, red onion,tomato, cream cheese and capers.

13 Shrimp Omelette

Grilled shrimp,cream cheese and spinach.

Bova Specialty Platters

We take pride in serving you the freshest ingredients and homemade sauce,

13 Shrimp And Grits

Sautéed Cajun spiced shrimp stirred into cheddar cheese grits with touch of cream.

15 Sharon Shrimp And Grits

Breaded shrimp stirred into blue cheese grits and drizzled with balsamic glazed.

14 Sammy Shrimp And Grits

Sautéed shrimp with scallion, mushroom and Tasso ham over cheddar cheese grits.

16 The Ultimate Shrimp And Grits

Sautéed shrimp with our homemade lobster bisque and scallion over grits.

14 Down South Shrimp And Grits

Sautéed shrimp with country ham over grits with red eye gravy.

12 The Messy Biscuit

Two fried breaded chicken breast with cheddar cheese on an open face biscuit topped with grits and sausage gravy.

10 French Toast Casserole

Lightly battered French bread with pears and a hint of cinnamon, baked in our brick oven, served with a sausage links, grits and maple syrup.

9 Fresh Fruit And yogurt

Season fruit served vanilla yogurt.

Egg platters

Prepared with two farm fresh egg. Served with our home fries or grits and toasted bread. Egg substitute $1.00. Egg white $2.00 .

6.5 Bova’s Favorite Egg Platter

Two fresh farmer eggs, any style you like, served with grits or home fries and toasted bread.

Served with

8 Bacon, Sausage Or Ham

12 Beef Tenderloin Steak

10 Hamburger Steak

10 Fried Chicken Breast

9.5 Canadian Bacon

10 Corned Beef Hash

10 Boar’s Head Turkey

9 Smithfield Country Ham

Egg sandwiches

You could add home fries or grits for extra charge.

5.5 Good Boy’s Pita

Two eggs, feta cheese, onion and tomato on pita bread

5.8 Blue Me Away Pita

Two egg, blue cheese crumble, fresh tomato and spinach.

5.8 What A Wrap Pita

Two eggs, cheddar cheese, with a choice of bacon, ham or sausage.

5 Egg Biscuit

Egg, cheddar cheese and one choice of meat: bacon, ham, sausage, country ham, Tasso ham, Canadian bacon.

Frittata Pizza

Prepared with three fresh egg and freshest ingredients. Egg substitute $1.00. Egg whites $2.00. .

13 Southern Frittata

Green peppers, onion, cilantro, tomato,jalapeño, chorizo and Gouda cheese

11 veggie Frittata

Spinach,tomato, onion, pepper, mushroom and feta cheese.

11.5 Ham Frittata

Onion, ham, red roasted pepper, mushroom and cheddar cheese.

11.5 Italiano Frittata

Italian sausage, mushroom, tomato, crushed red pepper and mozzarella cheese.


2 English Muffin.

4 Country Ham

2 Bowl Of Grits

3 Bacon, Sausage or Ham

3 Home Fries

2 Country Gravy